Dance with a smile in your face and be happy. TOURETTE DE MAR – this refers not to the sometimes declared tics – it´s the newest EP out of the house from HANNE & LORE, released on the Berlin based Label STYLEROCKETS. Multilayered and with a well-known female vocal from the early 90ies. Dee Dee Na Na Na – let´s go out, it´s Saturday night. Unconventional and individual – pressed ahead and in an extremely sophisticated detailed track.

Let´s move! Second track is a remix made by the two Hamburg Boys aka Piemont. In their version the track has more volatility.
Also the B-Side deserves special recognition. POOR BOY is made in the well-known HANNE & LORE Style, full of playful details and multidimensional Sound Effects. The Remix is made by TONI HAUPT. A earing experience at its best, experts an lovers of music will smile while listening. So dance with da smile in your face and dance.